Purifying oil cleanser


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Double cleansing is a must in any skincare routine wether you have Oily, acne prone or dry skin, we’ve all heard the myth that putting too much oil on our skin causes breakouts! but researchers are starting to uncover the benefits of oil cleansing.

Oil cleansing is a way to gently remove makeup, soothe sensitive skin, and tame unwanted breakouts.

Using oils instead of traditional soap or detergent cleansers can also help protect the natural lipid layer of the skin and the good bacteria that live there.

goldenbeeskin has created this purifying oil cleanser to Remove dirt and makeup from the surface. 

Our oil cleanser helps with 🔽

  1. lifting excess sebum, the oily substance produced by glands on your skin
  2. cleaning out clogged pores like blackheads and whiteheads
  3. remove dead skin, pollutants, and makeup

Main ingredients 

Grape seed oil :  Grape seed oil contains linoleic acid and plenty of antioxidants that do the face and body good. grape seed oil is non-comedogenic, meaning it does not clog pores—so even the most sensitive of skin types can use this oil with abandon. 

Argan oil :  Argan oil is a light, non-comedogenic moisturizer which is rich with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Rosehip seed oil : Rosehip oil contains high levels of antioxidants, particularly vitamin C. it contains compounds called retinoids, which will help reduce the appearance of acne. The skin absorbs rosehip oil quickly, which means that it is unlikely to clog pores. This makes it an ideal cleansing oilfor people with oily or acne prone skin.


How to use : 

  1. Shake well before use/ clean hands 
  2. Apply the oil cleanser and massage it in your skin with the tips of your fingers for 30 seconds 
  3. Use a cotton wash cloth and gently wipe away the oil. 

Recommended :

  •  Before adding your cleanser, place a hot damp wash cloth on face for 30 seconds allowing the steam to loosen any dirt and oils from the skin.
  • After oil cleansing, remove excess oil with a foaming/soap cleanser. 


Ingredients: Vitis vinifera, argania, Spinosa kernel oil, melia, azadirachta, Rosa canina fruit oil, glycerin.