About Us

Hello everyone and welcome to GBS!

Goldenbee skin ltd was est in 2019 by twin sisters from London.

Jalila who was the first born twin studied business in school and continued to her 1st year of 6th form however, unfortunately she was not able to continue as she went on to work full time to help out around the house.

Owning a Business was always a dream of hers, she didn’t know what she wanted to do, what she wanted to sell but she knew she had to own a business.

Well guess what?

Both twins suffered from acne from a very early age, on both face and body. It affected us growing up. We never really knew life with out having acne. It caused insecurities, wanting to cover up all the time, couldn’t wear what we wanted because we were afraid of what people would say.
Over the years we spent a lot of money trying different products and back then we only knew about cheap high street products full of preservatives and ingredients that just wasn’t good for our skin, so our skin never really changed.

As we got older we started to learn about natural ingredients, organic ingredients that can be beneficial for skin, we have been creating home made products for ourselves for years and noticed a difference and how well our skin was behaving, so one day we decided to put our knowledge and experience together.

Goldenbee skin was born to help those who suffer with skin problems like us, from acne to hyperpigmentation, oily, dry and combination skin. Our products are for all skin type because we suffered from all the above!

Each product has been carefully hand made in small batches, tested on 15-20 people for about 2 months before we put it up for purchase.

We just want to thank everyone who has supported us on this journey and continue to support our small business.

Love the twins at gb